20 Gifts to Turn Every Day Into Halloween

Hellfire club hoodie, Michael Myers Funko, Haunted Mansion Dress, Candle

Screenshot: Hot Topic/Funko/HerUniverse/Box Lunch

The good news: There are only three days til Halloween. The bad news: Once that’s over, the countdown resets to 365. While some of you will be ready to move onto Christmas and its holiday brethren, many are about that spooky life all year. So in the spirit of giving tricks and/or treats, we’re sharing 20 picks to help you extend your horror-heavy lifestyle.

Michael Myers Glow Up

michael myers funko exclusive

Screenshot: Entertainment Earth/Funko

Even as a neon nightmare, Michael is still formidable. Find this exclusive online at Entertainment Earth.

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Protect the House of the Dragon

Protect the House of the Dragon

Warner Bros. Store Online

Screenshot: Warner Bros. Consumer Products

Be a member of Kings Guard, but more like Cargyll, not Criston.

Klown Invasion

jumbo clown statue

Screenshot: Spirit Halloween

There are still select great finds at Spirit Halloween locations while they remain open, but their online store is open all year!

Running Up That Hill

vecna plush funko

Screenshot: Hot Topic/Funko

And run toward this chibi Vecna stuffed toy from Hot Topic.

Eddie Forever

hellfire club hoodie

Screenshot: Hot Topic

This Hot Topic fit honors Munson and shows your hellfire colors.

Frightful Fortunes

Jade of the Orient IT shirtt

Screenshot: Warner Brothers Consumer Products

If a clown crashes your dinner, you should at least get a T-shirt. This It-inspired tee is available on WB Shop.

Ghostly Pallor

zero makeup brush set nightmare before christmas

Screenshot: Box Lunch

Zero has got you covered with this cute makeup brush set inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas from Box Lunch.

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The Scent of Halloween Town

The Scent of Halloween Town

nightmare before christmas candle

Screenshot: Box Lunch

We’re hoping it’s pumpkin king spice. Available at Box Lunch.

Kidnap the Sandy Claws

shock lock and barrel inflatable

Screenshot: Box Lunch

This Shock, Lock, and Barrel inflatable is available at Box Lunch.

Dig Up the Dead

coco sandbox decor

Screenshot: Box Lunch

Look at this Coco desk sand garden! Find it at Box Lunch.

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Little One, The World Is Your Familia

Little One, The World Is Your Familia

coco baby onesie

Screenshot: Box Lunch

An adorable Dia de Muertos look for the baby! Get this Coco onesie at Box Lunch.

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I Choose You, Pumpkin-Chu!

I Choose You, Pumpkin-Chu!

Pikachu pumpkin purse

Screenshot: Box Lunch

Find this delightful Pokemon and Halloween backpack at Box Lunch.

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Theme Parks Make Me “Un Poquito Loco”

Theme Parks Make Me “Un Poquito Loco”

Coco magicband

Screenshot: ShopDisney

I love this Coco Magic Band and I hope it will help me fix my life at Disney during vacations by holding my ticket and reservations. The art of Miguel with skull makeup on, inspired by Dia de los Muertos, is great. You can pick it up on ShopDisney.

Foolish Mortals

haunted mansion magic band

Screenshot: ShopDisney

There’s a band for the Haunted Mansion fan, too.

Cozy and Cosmic

Ms. Marvel pajama costume

Screenshot: ShopDisney

This youth pajama set will make you feel ready in dreams. Cosplay can be cozy, people! Find it on ShopDisney.

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A Dress For A Swinging Wake

A Dress For A Swinging Wake

Haunted Mansion dress

Screenshot: Her Universe

A spooky fit for a Disney Parks visit to the Haunted Mansion from Her Universe.

Wakanda Forever

Dora milaje dress

Screenshot: Her Universe

This casual Dora Milaje dress is perfect for the warrior energy that will be needed while watching Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Find at Her Universe.

Agent of Mischief

Loki hoodie

Screenshot: Her Universe

Fashionable no matter what variant you are. Find this Loki hoodie on Her Universe.

A Lydia Deets Vibe

Lydia Beetlejuice shirt

Screenshot: Warner Bros Consumer Products

This is how we feel all year. Find this Beetlejuice shirt on WB Shop.

Kaiju Attack!

Godzilla mask

Screenshot: Entertainment Earth

It’s good to be the king. This Godzilla mask is available at Entertainment Earth.

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