Daily Archives: April 9, 2019

Chameleone For Lord Mayor is Just a Money making project. – Tamale Mirundi

Political analyst has come out to declare Jose Chameloene’s plot to run for Mayorship as a money making project. According to Mirundi, Chameleone is being used by some people to extract money from the president. Mirundi says that these people look for influential people, front them for political seats and extract money from NRM government. Singer Jose Chameleone recently announced …

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Sheilah Gashumba Locks LA Paroni Bar Staff Members Behind Bars For Using Her Photos.

Socialite Shiela Gashumba has got two members of La Paroni bar arrested. The arrested include LA Paroni’s female DJ Vee and Bijou Fortunate from talent Africa. Sources told EJazz Media that the two were using Sheila’s photos to promote their upcoming event on Sunday via their social media. Apparently, Sheila contacted the bar management asking them to pull down the …

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John Blaq Has The Fakest Song Ever – Club Monot’s DJ Apeman Says.

Monot’s DJ Apeman alias DJ Silverback has come out to rubbish John Blaq’s song as the fakest ever. While DJing, at a bar last Night, Apeman could not hold it any longer but reveal how fake John Blaq’s latest song; “Makanika” is. After asking the audience what they wanted to listen to, Apeman played makanika amidst cheers. “This is the …

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