49ers Fans Bloodied In Wild Fight With Giants Supporters After ‘TNF’ Game


49ers Vs. Giants
Fans Bloodied In Wild Fight In Stands
… After ‘TNF’ Game

9/22/2023 3:00 PM PT


Several Giants and 49ers fans got into such a wild fistfight in the stands following their game Thursday night … at least two people were left bloodied.

The brawl went down just minutes after San Francisco beat New York at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. … after a witness said fans had been trash-talking so much, one of them threw a beer that landed on a woman.

According to the bystander, as soon as the liquid fell on the lady … a melee immediately broke out — and in footage from the scene, obtained by this publication Sports, you can see things got violent in a hurry.

One fan wearing a Joe Montana jersey was punched in the face so many times, his nose gushed blood.

Just feet away, two Giants fans were seen throwing haymakers at a guy in Niners gear … hitting him so flush in the face, a cut opened above his right eye.

To the SF supporter’s credit, he fought off the men … landing several punches of his own — before bolting from the area.

One witness tells us authorities did ultimately come to the stands to address the fracas … though by the time they arrived, nearly all of the combatants had left.

A spokesperson for the Santa Clara Police Dept., however, tells us they are investigating the incident further.


The fight was hardly the only one at the stadium on Thursday … just a few hours before — a man was seen pulling a woman’s hair during a scuffle in a different part of the venue.