A New Silo Clip Offers a Cryptic Tease of the Show’s Secrets to Come

Promo poster for Apple TV+'s Silo, featuring the main cast.

Image: Apple TV+

Adaptations of popular books are all the rage these days, and Apple TV+’s newest entry into that space is the upcoming series Silo. It still feels like the show is flying under the radar, but Apple TV’s recently begun to show more of the dystopian show ahead of its release in May, and that includes releasing a new clip to draw interested viewers in.

Silo Episode 1 Clip: This could be the key

Silo Episode 1 Clip: This could be the key

Like the books they’re based on, the Silo show is set in a post-apocalypse where the last 10,000 humans on the planet have formed community established deep underground in the titular silo. In the lead role is Dune’s Rebecca Fergusson as Juliet, an engineer looking for answers regarding the murder of one of her co-workers who ends up stumbling onto a larger conspiracy. Naturally, that conspiracy goes fairly high up; in the clip above, Rashida Jones’ Allison is looking to bury some secrets, and her husband Holston (David Oyelowo) is the sheriff of the town.

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Silo is based on Hugh Howey’s series of sci-fi novels that he wrote and self-published back in 2011 with the short story Wool. From there, Howey published multiple books in the series at three or two books a year, with the series’ final book, Dust, releasing in December 2013. Or rather, that was the last book in the series; back in 2021, Howey revealed he was at work on another book, with this one centering on a new group of characters. You can read his thoughts on the show’s first two episodes on his website, along with some pictures from the premiere.

Also starring Common, Iain Glen, and Tim Robbins, Silo will begin its 10-episode run May 5 on Apple TV+.

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