A Pass brags about moving freely in Kampala City

Alexander Bagonza, a Ugandan musician popularly referred to many as A Pass has come out to clarify on his freedom of movement around Kampala like an ordinary person. A Pass says that he has no way he can testify to the people outside Uganda that the country has freedom when he can’t expose his freedom of movement.

In Uganda, it is very rare for celebrities to move around downtown Kampala without a bodyguard or people moving around them.

Some of those artists who try to move around town Ejazz has observed have always had crowds following them everywhere they go. According to A Pass, he is not the kind of celebrity who doesn’t want to move downtown because they are celebrities.

He said it feels so good to know that someone is free and can do anything they want at any time of the day.

“How can you say you are free, when you can’t move freely?” A Pass said. It should be noted that A Pass usually holds his talent so high. He is not driven by social media and his fans. He is always outspoken doing what he wants to do and releasing music at his pace.

Recently A Pass released a 45-track album but still lives like an ordinary person. The singer is one of the most talented artists in Uganda. He writes all his songs and takes his time to produce them.