Aaron Rodgers Emerges From Darkness Retreat, Hits Trendy Colorado Bar


Aaron Rodgers
Heads Straight For The (Neon) Light …
After Darkness Retreat Ends

3/1/2023 1:00 AM PT


Aaron Rodgers went from the darkness to some neon lights — hitting up a trendy Colorado bar just days after emerging from his isolation retreat.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback bolted for the venue in Vail less than a week after spending a few days and nights in complete darkness in a room in Oregon. In video of the GB QB, obtained by this publication Sports, you can see the time away from sunlight and human touch didn’t do any harm.

Rodgers dressed well for the night out with a group of friends at Chasing Rabbits’ The Rabbit Hole … playing Skee-Ball, Pop-A-Shot and even Twister.

Entertainment Aaron Rodgers in Vail Colorado

Witnesses tell us Rodgers arrived around 9 PM with roughly 15 people in his crew … including some very beautiful women. They drank champagne throughout the evening — and we’re told Rodgers seemed to be carefree, sharing laughs with his pals.

Entertainment Aaron Rodgers Ends Darkness Retreat


Aaron Rodgers Ends Darkness Retreat

Eventually, the NFL superstar and co. headed off to a private room for dinner.

Still no word from Rodgers on how the retreat or the ensuing night out in the Centennial State have changed things for him moving forward … but there did appear to be a whole lot of green imagery at the bar — perhaps a good sign for both the Packers and Jets???