Add ‘Josh Brolin’s Space Guitar’ to List of Things You Can’t Wait to See in Dune 2

Before anyone goes screaming to the comments, we know it’s not a space guitar—it’s a Baliset, the ninestringed instrument played by Josh Brolin’s Dune character, Gurney Halleck. Fans who hoped to glimpse it in Denis Villeneuve’s first film now have even more reason to count down the days to the sequel, because the director has confirmed it will get its moment in the spotlight.

Spoilers of the Week April 24-29

Speaking to Empire Magazine about Dune: Part Two, Villeneuve shared the good news—noting that a scene with Halleck showing off his musical talents was indeed filmed for part one but didn’t make the final version, to his enduring regret. “The Gurney song survived Part Two! It became a weird priority for me. But Josh Brolin is a poet and we played it together. It was awesome.”

While we’re thrilled to hear the Baliset was a must-do for Villeneuve, and frankly we already knew Brolin was a poet of sorts, we’re now even more salty about having to wait longer to see Dune: Part Two. Here’s hoping the power of space guitar will help inspire studios to agree to fair contracts with their striking workers, and we’ll get to actually watch the movie on its new release date: March 15, 2024.

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