Adult Diaper Spa in New Hampshire Trashed by ABDL Advocate Riley Kilo


Adult Diaper Spa in New Hampshire
Slammed by ABDL Advocate Riley Kilo
Wrong Place, Wrong Price!!!

2/8/2024 12:05 PM PT

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There’s a new establishment in New Hampshire that gives adults the chance to be a literal baby — but one prominent advocate in this community says they’re going about it all wrong.

The small town of Atkinson, NH — home to roughly 7,000 people — has recently welcomed a business called the Diaper Spa … which operates exactly how it sounds. It’s a place where adults with this sort of need for baby-like experiences can let it all hang out, unjudged.

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They have a ton of services for sale at this place … including virtual play dates that go for $200/hour and an all-day “Diaper B&B” experience that provides baby pampering for $1,500.

As you might imagine … this diaper spa in Atkinson has rubbed a lot of folks in town the wrong way — and some are even expressing straight-up outrage and concern over the fact this place even exists, not to mention what they say is too close proximity to parks/schools.

Funny enough … a major player in the ABDL (adult baby/diaper lovers) scene says these small-town people’s indignation might actually be justified, ’cause she thinks there wasn’t a lot of thought put into the specifics … namely, location and cost — which she’s scoffing at.

We’re talking about Riley Kilo — who’s a known ABDL proponent, and who supports this movement when done correctly. In this case, however, she thinks the Diaper Spa owners screwed the pooch a bit in execution of their vision, even if their heart is in the right place.

According to Riley, there’s a few things that she believes are misguided when it comes to Diaper Spa — including where it actually is. Fact is, she tells us this sorta business should’ve been set up in a more metropolitan area with more diversity/acceptance for this sorta stuff.

She says it’s no surprise residents in a small, rural town are reacting the way they are — and believes the owners should’ve been more mindful. RK also slams their price range for their services — calling them “fetish prices,” and way too expensive — and even thinks what they charge lends to the notion this is all just a bunch of kinky sex stuff … which she says is off too.

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The reality … this adult baby experience is something people use as a therapeutic way of coping and managing their health — and it shouldn’t be shamed, or turned into something perv-y. Right now … she feels like Diaper Spa is leaning in the wrong direction on that front.