Ahmaud Arbery Murderers’ Hate Crime Conviction Upheld

Ahmaud Arbery Murderers
Judge Upholds Federal Hate Crime Conviction

8/4/2022 2:34 PM PT

The 3 men found guilty of Ahmaud Arbery‘s murder are getting rejected by a federal judge … who’s affirmed their convictions for federal hate crimes.

Gregory McMichael, Travis McMichael and William “Roddy” Bryan had filed motions to set aside the jury’s guilty verdict, but on Thursday a federal judge told them there was “more than sufficient evidence” to nail them for the 2020 murder of Ahmaud.

Their federal convictions — which came down in February — were for killing Ahmaud based on his race and kidnapping. In denying their motion the judge relied on social media posts from the defendants that negatively compared Black people to white people, generally.


Specifically, the judge pointed out Gregory McMichael had posted, “all these blacks are nothing but trouble; I wish they would all die.”  … and made disparaging comments about a Black tenant.

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All 3 are still awaiting their sentences in the federal case, but whatever they get is more symbolic than anything after their Georgia murder convictions and sentencing. The McMichaels got life sentences with no parole, and Bryan got a life sentence with the possibility of parole.