All Alligators Removed From Lakes At Retirement Community Where 85-Year-Old Killed


Fatal Alligator Attack
All Gators Removed From Senior Community

2/24/2023 1:00 AM PT

The retirement community where 85-year-old Gloria Serge was killed by an alligator had a reptile clear-out, this publication has learned … getting rid of any more potential threats to residents.

Judy Murray, the next-door neighbor of Gloria, tells this publication … the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was in her backyard Thursday, and told her they were removing all gators from the community’s lakes.

She tells us there are about 5-6 lakes at the Spanish Lakes Fairways in Fort Pierce, but isn’t sure what the department’s doing with all the alligators after their removal.

Judy mentions she wasn’t afraid of the reptiles, and still isn’t … adding they’d normally just lay on the bank. She tells us what happened with Gloria was horrible … saying she might’ve been having a “senior moment,” as she normally wouldn’t walk her dog along the water.

FYI — Judy says Gloria’s family took the dog with them after her passing, and it’s now living up north.

As we reported, Gloria and her dog were attacked Monday by the gator … and 911 audio revealed just how terrifying the ordeal was from a bystander’s perspective.