All the Surprise Songs Taylor Swift Has Performed on The Eras Tour (So Far)


Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour serves a surprise song at every stop.

Taylor Swift performs onstage for the opening night of The Eras Tour at State Farm Stadium on March 17, 2023 in Glendale, Arizona.

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Taylor Swift‘s Eras Tour set list features a surprise song, so far performed during a mini acoustic set, on each date of the the superstar’s 2023 trek.

Guitar in hand and making her way to the end of the stage’s catwalk at March 17’s Eras kickoff in Glendale, Arizona, Swift revealed her intentions for the acoustic portion of her long-awaited live show. She’ll perform a surprise song that will not be played again on this tour — probably.

“The plan, the goal, would be to play different songs every single night and never repeat one. Right? So that when you heard one on this tour, you would know it’s the only time that I was going to play it in the acoustic set, unless — caveat — unless I mess it up so badly,” she said with a small laugh, “that I have to do it over again in some other city. Send your best wishes towards me that I don’t do that.”

The Eras Tour is her first real tour in five years, and the first time the prolific songwriter is getting to perform selections from Lover, Folklore, Evermore and Midnights to sold-out stadium crowds.

Eras Tour night one introduced a career-spanning, whopping 44-song setlist with a runtime of more than three hours, with Swift playing anywhere from one to eight tracks from all 10 of her full-length studio albums. The show’s nightly secret song is sure to keep her fans on their tallest tiptoes, waiting to hear what gem will be unveiled at their concert.

Below, check out the list of all the surprise songs she’s brought to The Eras Tour, courtesy of social media live streams and post-concert clips uploaded by Swifties in attendance. Bookmark this page, as the list will updated regularly as the tour goes on.


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Performed at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona (March 17, 2023)

“I was thinking about the first one I would play for you,” Swift said at the very first Eras Tour concert, to a crowd of fans who were still gloriously spoiler-free about what was in store for the rest of the show. “I was thinking about what song to play first, and I was thinking about how one of the songs that I wrote with you in mind during the pandemic was one of the first songs I wrote for Folklore, and it was me writing about how badly I craved the connection that I feel from the care that you have directed in my way. I’m trying to tell you I love you, and I’m babbling,” she noted. Swift tried again: “I was trying to think of sort of an eloquent way to say that I love you and I need your attention all the time, and I came up with ‘I’m a mirrorball.’” After the wordy intro, Swift begins singing “Mirrorball” at the 2:17 timestamp in the video above.

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