Amusement Park Harness Locked During 14-Year-Old’s Fatal Fall

Amusement Park Death
14-Yr-Old’s Harness Was Locked
… Despite Fatal Fall

3/29/2022 1:06 PM PT

The teenager who fell to his death in an Orlando amusement park was wearing a safety harness that was still locked after the tragedy … according to Florida officials.

The new detail comes from an accident report that claims 14-year-old Tyre Sampson came out of his seat when “magnets engaged” during the free-fall ride’s rapid descent. Here’s the puzzling part … Florida officials say Tyre was wearing his safety harness and it “was still in a down and locked position when the ride stopped.”

The report, first obtained by People, says Tyre died from “multiple injuries and trauma.”

As we previously reported, the terrifying incident happened last week when the Missouri teen fell from the “Orlando Free-Fall” ride, which stands 430 ft. tall.

The ride, which just opened in December, reportedly plummets at 75 mph.

Tyre’s family has reportedly raised concerns he was too big for the ride … or so they believe after checking the ride’s safety manual.

Officials are still investigating the tragedy.