Anand Mahindra’s tweet hinting Rishi Sunak’s victory amuses Twitterati

Prominent Indian businessman Anand Mahindra is know for his witty tweets and regular presence on the social media platform. He is again in news for one of his latest tweet that pokes fun over race to become next UK PM. On Tuesday (July 12) Mahindra posted an edited image of 10 Downing Street, the official residence of British prime minister. 

The thing that strikes most is the Indian religious adornment on the front door and windows. The door proudly flaunts a ‘toran’, an auspicious garland made from Mango leaves. There are ‘Swastikas’ on the door as well.

In European context, though Swastikas represent Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime, the symbol is one of the holiest in Hindu religion completely separate from any connotations of atrocities caused in Nazi Germany.

“The future of 10 Downing Street?  The famed British humour is now laced with Desi humour…” reads the tweet

Mahindra’s tweet appears a not-so-subtle hint at speculations that Rishi Sunak, UK’s former finance minister who is of Indian heritage is favourite to win the race to become next prime minister after Boris Johnson.

Sunak’s bid for the top job got a major boost on Wednesday when he topped first round of voting within Conservative Party to be the next leader. Leader of the ruling Conservative Party will become the next PM.

Sunak got 88 votes while candidate positioned second was at 67. More rounds of vote are to be held.

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