Angelina Jolie Takes Strong Stance Against Israel’s Retaliation in Gaza


Angelina Jolie
Strong Stance on Israel-Palestine …
Gaza Bombing Not Justified

10/29/2023 12:04 PM PT

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Angelina Jolie is drawing a line in the sand on the Israel-Palestine issue — and considering her well-documented humanitarian work worldwide … her position here is interesting.

The actress — who’s moved into more of a public service role over the past decade or so — posted a lengthy statement this weekend addressing the war in the Middle East … and she says quite clearly, the ongoing offensive that Israel’s undertaking in Gaza isn’t right.

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She starts by sympathizing with Israelis that were victimized in the Oct. 7 terrorist attack carried out by Hamas — saying, like millions of others, she too was sickened/angry about all those who were killed, especially kids … adding she prays for the safe return of hostages.

However, she then writes this … “What happened in Israel is an act of terror. But that cannot justify the innocent lives lost in bombing a civilian population in Gaza that has nowhere to go, no access to food or water, no possibility of evacuation, and not even the basic human right to cross a border to seek refuge.”

AJ cites her many years of experience in this field, saying that there is a desperate need for aid in the area — and that Israel’s response is only making matters worse. She adds, “The denial of aid, fuel and water is collectively punishing a people. Humanity demands an immediate ceasefire. Palestinian and Israeli lives — and the lives of all people globally — matter equally. Anything that can prevent civilian casualties and save lives must be done.”

Angelina goes on to say she’s donated to medical relief efforts for Gaza, and spotlighted Doctors Without Borders as an org she’s supporting and following at this time.

As far as how Israel’s proceeding at this point … it looks like it’s full steam ahead. Their ground operation into Gaza is intensifying — and PM Benjamin Netanyahu has said this now marks the “second stage” of what he says is going to be a long and difficult war.

Gaza is in a blackout at the moment — with no lines of communication to the outside world — something Elon Musk says he’ll help fix with Internet access … albeit, only to internationally recognized humanitarian groups in the area … something Israel strongly objects to.


The U.S. certainly feels divided on this conflict — and there have been fierce protests and demonstrations on both sides … with a notable pro-Palestine sentiment in the streets.

As for Angelina … she’s taken a firm stance. Basically, she’s telling Israel to stand down.