Arar city Celebrates Saudi Founding Day

Today, fireworks pierced through the sky of Arar city, lighting it with colors of joy and delight. This was part of the events organized by the Ministry of Culture to celebrate the Saudi Founding Day.

Saudi Day Celebrations in Buqayq

Moreover, saudi Day celebrations at the Al-Rawdah Park in Buqayq witnessed a significant visitors turnout. The celebration included a variety of artistic and theatrical performances, reported Saudi Press Agency.

These events are part of a series of activities organized by the Eastern Province Municipality to celebrate the Saudi Founding Day.

In conjunction with this national occasion, cities across KSA hosted various cultural and artistic events. The cities celebrated the profound history left by the nation’s leaders. Moreover, these events reflect the chapters of prosperity and hardship the country has endured. The Founding Day also shows how KSA maintained its resilience and Arab identity.

Saudi Arabia celebrated its Founding Day Thursday, 12 Shaban 1445H, corresponding to February 22, 2024. This day remarks the founding of the Saudi state in the mid-year of 1139H (1727 AD) by Imam Mohammed bin Saud.

The celebration of this day serves as a reminder of Saudi Arabia’s journey. Moreover, this day is a testament to the nation’s resilience and unity, continuing a legacy that began in 1727. The Kingdom has faced challenges but maintained societal security and cohesion.

The state bin Saud founded was marked by significant social, political, economic, and cultural events. He shaped the life of the Arabian Peninsula under the rule of the first Saudi state.

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