Ashley Graham Reacts to Hugh Grant Oscars Interview, ‘Kill ‘Em with Kindness’


Ashley Graham
On Hugh Grant Interview …
Hey, Kill ‘Em with Kindness, Right?!?

3/13/2023 12:04 PM PT


Ashley Graham rolled with the punches during her awkward Oscars exchange with Hugh Grant, and she’s carrying on with just as much grace afterward … take a look for yourself.

We got the model-turned-interviewer at LAX Monday morning, a day after her cringeworthy moment with the famed British actor … who did not provide any easy answers on the red carpet for the relatively standard softball questions AG was lobbing his way.


Upon reflection, Ashley doesn’t seem too bent out of shape … telling our photog she simply followed some advice that had been passed down to her — namely, kindness always wins.

In other words, she took the high road … and you could argue Hugh didn’t. Either way, Ashley’s fine with how things played out — she made her decisions, and he made his.

As our cameraman pointed out — and Ashley agreed — you can’t control how someone else is going to react. All you can do is your job and try to get some engagement — and she certainly attempted … on that, everyone seems to agree.

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Like we said … Ashley isn’t really trippin’ about Hugh stonewalling her, but she is still hurting from something else Oscar-related. As she’s learning, these gigs require a lot of standing.

Welcome to the Q&A game, Ash. Tough crowds are a-plenty … so, KCCO comes in handy.