Audiences Apparently Hate ‘Thor: Love and Thunder,’ Too Kiddish

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’
Film Twitter Apparently Hates It
… Too Joke-y, Too Kiddish

7/10/2022 2:56 PM PT

The newest ‘Thor’ movie crushed it at the box office this weekend — but as far as how people actually feel about it … well, it seems much of the internet thought it was trash.

The numbers are in, and per estimates … “Thor: Love and Thunder” raked in a whopping $143 million domestically, landing as one of the highest-grossing openings in the MCU. That’s all fine and good for Disney, we’re sure, but general reactions to the film aren’t great.

For starters, critics gave it a relatively low score — just 68% on RT — which is a drastic drop  compared to other Marvel movies, historically … most have held up much better over the years under professional scrutiny, but that’s not the case with ‘L&T.’

Not only were the pros unimpressed … it sounds like “Film Twitter,” as it were, also found the movie to be absurdly bad — especially compared to other ‘Thor’ entries. Sooo, what’s their beef exactly??? It ain’t hard to tell … people seem to have found it to be juvenile.

watching thor love and thunder be like :

— Vasto Lorde 📝⚰️ (@TheirWarHere) July 10, 2022

Scroll through some of the “Thor” trends and you’ll see — it’s either folks crapping on the movie, or a bunch of others piling on those same people while trying to defend ‘Love and Thunder,’ with their argument being … it’s a freaking comedy, turn off your brains and enjoy!

That might be true, but it looks like a good majority aren’t thrilled with the direction ‘Thor’ is going under the watch of Taika Waititi — who helmed the last beloved installment, “Ragnarok,” and who apparently did more of the same in this new one … perhaps too much.

— hlyTobi (@hlyTobi) July 10, 2022

Many say ‘Love and Thunder’ relies too heavily on gags and punchlines rather than savor in the heavy stuff — and some feel like the character/franchise has jumped the shark.

There’s also people saying Christian Bale‘s bad guy character, Gorr, doesn’t get enough screen time — nor does Natalie Portman, it seems, based on some of these recaps. In short, there’s a good handful of viewers who felt the movie was all over the place and uneven.

THOR LOVE AND THUNDER: I’ve never seen a Marvel movie go over this badly with an audience; brutal considering it’s opening day and was sold out!

Not a single laugh for any of the barely-there jokes that make the entire thing! I feel … embarrassed for it? #ThorLoveAndThunder

— Brett ________ (@BrettRedacted) July 8, 2022

The Rotten Tomatoes audience score is at just 81%, which might sound okay for a regular movie — but for Marvel, that’s fairly awful. To be honest, we haven’t seen it yet … so it’s difficult to say if there’s any validity to all this criticism — or if it’s overblown/exaggerated.

But, from the outside looking in … don’t go in expecting a Marvel masterpiece this time.