Backstreet Boys Member Howie Dorough Open to Tour with *NSYNC


Backstreet Boys
Howie Down to Tour with *NSYNC …
Let ‘Em Go First, Though

9/19/2023 12:45 AM PT


Howie Dorough says he’d love to have the Backstreet Boys tour with *NSYNC — but says Justin, JC and co. deserve their own spotlight first … assuming they actually want that.

We got the BB member Monday at LAX, and asked about all the speculation over a possible prolonged reunion for the *NSYNC fellas … possibly including a throwback tour, which fans really seem to want at this point.


Howie hits us with a pretty optimistic take, saying he’d be more than open to co-headlining with *NSYNC … he’d actually welcome it, and he’s sure the other Backstreet Boys would too.

While many might’ve assumed there’s a rivalry between the 2 groups … there isn’t, according to HD. He says a lot of them are actually pretty good friends — and it sounds like they might have even talked about this once or twice over the years.

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Now that *NSYNC is putting out a new song — for Justin Timberlake‘s latest ‘Trolls’ movie — that would-be rekindling is at a fever pitch … and Howie says that has to be respected.

In other words, if any *NSYNC/Backstreet Boys tour is in the stars — and there’s no guarantee it is — he says the “Bye Bye Bye” guys should get a bite at the apple first, because there’s major interest in them right now. Relevancy rules!

As we’ve reported …. JC and Lance Bass left the door open for a potential reunion tour, but nobody’s saying it’s definitely going to happen — and until they do, everyone’s probably better off cooling their jets instead of getting their hopes up.

Enjoy the new *NSYNC song … and let’s just take it one day at a time. BB stans, included.

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