Baldur’s Gate 3 Hype and Magic Crossovers Saved Hasbro’s Bottom Line

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Last Thursday, Hasbro had an investor’s call to discuss the third quarter, and while Hasbro itself might be going through a rough time, with lower-than-expected earnings, Wizards of the Coast was once again the high earner for the company—bolstered by two big releases.

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Hasbro president Chris Cocks said that the massive popularity of the Lord of the Rings set from Magic: The Gathering and the meteoric Baldur’s Gate 3 contributed to the 40% increase in earnings over 2022. According to Dicebreaker, last year WotC earned $303.5 million, and 2023 saw that jump to $423.6 million.

There are two main takeaways from this call. First, Universes Beyond and crossover card sets aren’t going anywhere. Collectability is going to remain a priority, and with Fallout on the horizon and Marvel coming in 2024, the Fortnite-ification of Magic seems endless.

The second is that WotC is more committed than ever to turning Dungeons & Dragons into a lifestyle brand rather than a focused TTRPG company. This year’s film, the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Adventure streaming channel, and now Cocks’ explicit focus on the expansion of the brand into a more “digitally-driven multimedia franchise” means that game design will very likely continue to be less of a priority for Hasbro. Which is a shame, especially as we’re on the verge of the next major iteration of the TTRPG next year.

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