‘Batgirl’ Film Axed By Warner Bros., Won’t Be Released on Any Platform (Confirmed)

Some of the many projects cancelled by Warner Bros. since the merger with Discovery:

  • CNN+ and all of its programming just a matter of days after its launch

  • Raised by Wolves (HBO Max)

  • Close Enough (HBO Max)

  • Gordita Chronicles (HBO Max)

  • Made for Love (HBO Max)

  • Chad (TBS, hours before its season premiere was set to air)

  • Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (TBS)

  • Three Busy Debras (Adult Swim)

  • Joe Pera Talks with You (Adult Swim …Sigh.)

  • Naomi (The CW)

  • Legends of Tomorrow (The CW)

  • Snowpiercer (TNT, during production on their fourth season)

  • The Wonder Twins film, shortly after the leads were announced

  • Scoob!: Holiday Haunt, which was reportedly all but finished

  • And now Batgirl, after the movie was already made

Discovery is making scorched earth of Warner’s entire portfolio. With a handful of exceptions – such as Rick and Morty, Euphoria, the sequels to Joker and The Batman, Teen Titans Go!, and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver – no Warner Bros. project should be considered safe.

Edit 1: Adding clarification for Snowpiercer: they announced that it would only get one more season while that season was being made, and they’ve since removed the show from HBO Max. So it’s not clear that the fourth season will ever air on TNT.

Edit 2: I had meant to include the Scoob! sequel also mentioned in this article. Sorry about that.