Bebe Cool Reveals Shocking details About Dizzy Nuts’ death – It Was No Accident but Set up.

Singer Bebe Cool has come out to reveal shocking details  about his member Dizzy Nuts’ death.While appearing in an interview, Bebe Cool said the accident looked like it was just set up and planned.

“According to what i saw, it was no accident, some people had a mission” Said Bebe Cool. He says his car’s location was not easy for someone driving normally with no intentions could just come and knock it. He adds that the survival of the rest was just God’s wish. As they were still giving his friends who were outside his car their next plot. What the heard next was a crash and people screaming.

On getting out, they tried to pick up someone into the car and run him to hospital only to be notified about another one who was in the trench.”On a close observation after picking him up it was Dizzy Nuts!, he was all breathing heavily” Bebe Cool says.

He however says he surprisingly has not yet reported any case at police due to what he called lack of clear information an no one noticed the number plate of the car. He however promised to report a case later on.