Beyoncé Called Out by Artist Hajime Sorayama Over ‘Renaissance’ Visuals


Called Out By Artist Hajime Sorayama
Over ‘Renaissance’ Visuals

12/11/2023 3:19 PM PT

Beyoncé might have fresh beef stewing with a famous artist, who’s strongly insinuating she — or someone on her team — ripped off his work for her “Renaissance” tour.

Entertainment Beyonce And Hajime Visuals Comaprison

Here’s the deal … artist Hajime Sorayama just took aim at Beyoncé on social media, posting a few of her tour visuals alongside some of his artwork and insinuating she didn’t ask permission to copy him.

Entertainment Beyonce And Hajime Visuals Comaprison

In his post, Hajime says … “Yo @beyonce You should have asked me ‘officially’ so that I could make much better work for you as like my man @theweeknd.”

Thing is … during Beyonce’s wildly popular “Renaissance” tour, many people were under the belief her visuals were inspired by Hajime, with tons of folks assuming Hajime had given Queen B his permission to channel his art.

Hajime’s post seems to indicate that’s not the case — however, it’s unclear if he’s angry and considering legal action … or simply calling out the similarities between his art and her tour.

Entertainment Abel 'The Weeknd' Tesfaye perform statue from Artist Hajime Sorayama

BTW, Hajime mentions The Weeknd because they collaborated in the past for some concert artwork, and, obviously, he feels he could’ve done the same for Beyoncé … had she just asked.

Beyoncé hasn’t publicly responded to Hajime yet … stay tuned.