Biden’s Press Secretary Says Commander the Dog Bit 7 Due to White House Stress


Commander the White House Dog
W.H. Press Secretary Says
That Dog is Stressed Out!!!

7/25/2023 2:21 PM PT

President Biden‘s White House Press Secretary explains Commander the recidivist dog biter this way … hey, The White House is a super stressful place!

Press Sect’y. Karine Jean-Pierre fielded questions during Tuesday’s briefing, and of course … she was asked about Commander, Joe’s German Shepherd — who has been allowed to call 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. home, despite biting 7 people in a 4-month period.

That 4-month period ended in January, and when Jean-Pierre was asked if the dog has sunk its chompers into anyone else since then, she punted, referring the reporter to the Secret Service.

When asked if there were any plans on relocating the canine, Jean-Pierre didn’t say. She did, however, promise there’d be more leashing/training.

A WH rep also said the Secret Service and executive residence staff would work to carve out designated areas and times for Commander to run around and play — so, for now, it would appear there’s no sign of him getting shipped off to Delaware, like Major.

As far as the Secret Service agents who were bitten … the WH says their injuries were dealt with according to workplace injury protocols, and noted the Prez and First Lady appreciated the Secret Service’s understanding through all of this.

No word on who paid the medical bills for the bite victims — but, for now, the White House clearly needs one of those “Beware of Dangerous Dog” signs hanging on the perimeter gates!