Bill Maher Says Public Schools Need to Be Like Catholic Schools


Bill Maher
We Need More Catholic Schools …
Without the Religious ‘Bulls***!’

11/11/2023 5:49 AM PT


Bill Maher launched on public schools Friday night, and it’s hard to argue with the premise … public schools are failing — failing students AND teachers — and maybe the “old” way of running schools should be revisited.

The ‘Real Time’ host laid out the problem with some pretty graphic video … and it’s hard to argue that the inmates are not running the asylum. Video after video shows teachers being beaten, kicked and attacked in various other ways. One in 7 teachers has been the victim of some form of physical violence at the hands of their students.

BM blames a lot of that on parents, who used to have teachers’ backs … now their kids can do no wrong.

On a hilarious note, Bill notes 20 years ago kids looked like Britney Spears in that famous music video. Today, they look more like Brit dancing with knives.

And speaking of celebs, Maher is incredulous people like LeBron, George Clooney, Kanye and others have opened their own schools … as in why does that make the school attractive to parents?

Bill has an idea … turns out Catholic schools have the best results when it comes to public education, both for students and teachers. So what about creating Catholic schools without the whole religious thing? Or, as he put it, Catholic school without the bulls***!