Blueface Casts Doubt On Fathering Chrisean Rock’s Baby


Doubts About Chrisean’s Baby …
I Shoulda Stuck with My First BM!!!

3/13/2023 10:11 AM PT

Instagram / @bluefasebabyy

Blueface is coming to the realization he might be expecting a kid with his on-and-off again girlfriend Chrisean Rock … and the thought of new fatherhood is keeping him up way past bedtime!!!

The “Thotiana” rapper dropped off what he framed as a PSA after a night of performing and partying in Dubai. He focused on the never-ending debate around double standards between men and women, but he was clearly just wringing his hands over Chrisean’s pregnancy.

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Seems his rant was prompted by Chrisean posting a shot of her growing baby bump … something he’s definitely not celebrating. Instead, BF went on about women benefitting more than men from double standards … claiming the power of their ‘P’ goes much further than men’s.

What’s not debatable is that Blue and Chrisean’s relationship is as rocky as ever — they exchanged disses on Twitter, but he remained firm in doubting he’s the father of her child.

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Blueface also praised Jaidyn Alexis, the mother of his 2 children, for the classy way she presented her last pregnancy, and for not having weird men around his kids.

On the other hand, he’s labeling Chrisean a “MeToo Bitch” who runs the streets.

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He eventually signed off and decided to live his best life this morning on a yacht, surrounded by a new crop of women to tickle his fancies.

Intsagram / @chriseanrockbabyy

A confused Chrisean responded to Blue, but said she has no clue what’s at the root of his issues … mainly because he was beefin’ with her from another time zone!!!