Britney Spears’ Dog Okay After Vet Visit Amid Birthday Celebration


Britney Spears
Mother Lynne Sees Her Off …
After Birthday Dog Scare

12/2/2023 6:59 AM PT

2:40 PM PT — Here’s photo evidence that Britney and her mother’s relationship is repairing itself right before our eyes … ’cause Mama Bear was indeed at her daughter’s birthday shindig, and apparently spent the night as well.

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These pics were taken Saturday, which show Brit leaving her manager’s house in the L.A. area … and wouldn’t you know it, Lynne Spears is back there seeing her kid off as she hit the town in a waiting SUV.

You can see Britney saying bye to Cade as he escorts her to the vehicle … and very clearly in the background — you can see her mom, looking on. We’d already been told Lynne was in attendance the night prior … so to see her there the next day is quite telling.

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As you know, they’ve been feuding a lot over the past couple years — including recently, especially after Britney released her memoir. All is well now again, though … or so it seems.

10:25 AM PT — Sources tell this publication that Britney’s dog is fine — it simply hurt its foot and had to be taken in to be looked at … but we’re told all is well now with the pooch.

Also, we’re told Britney’s mom, Lynne, was there celebrating her daughter’s birthday — and sources tell us they were getting along great.

Britney Spears got super upset Friday night, after her dog had an apparent medical emergency … this publication has learned.

Britney was out in L.A. for a pre-birthday celebration — she turned 42 today — at her manager/best friend Cade Hudson‘s home, along with her brother Bryan and several others.

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At 2 AM, Britney, Cade and Bryan left Cade’s home and got in a car. An agency photog at the scene says she had her dog in the car and they rushed to a 24-hour veterinary clinic. We never see the dog, but the photog claims they brought it in.


Britney and crew then went to a gas station convenience store on the Sunset Strip, and from the photos you can tell this was some sort of emergency. Cade is in his PJs with no shoes.

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They then went back to the vet, and it’s unclear whether they had the dog when they left.

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Bryan seems to be the only family member with whom Britney has a face-to-face relationship. He’s been with her fairly regularly over the last few months.

Originally Published — 6:59 AM PT