Caitlyn Jenner Sorry for Talking about Kris Jenner, Starting Kardashian Drama


Caitlyn Jenner
Remorseful for Kris Comment …
Starting Family Drama

10/5/2023 4:25 PM PT

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Caitlyn Jenner is regretting some family drama she caused over her recent comments about the current state of her relationship with Kris Jenner … apologizing for upsetting the Kardashian and Jenner clans.

Here’s the deal … Caitlyn was doing a press tour in London for a new documentary on the Kardashians when she was asked about her relationship with Kris, revealing the two don’t talk anymore and calling the whole thing “sad.”


Sources close to Caitlyn tell this publication the comment caused tension within the whole family, and everyone is siding with Kris over Caitlyn … including Caitlyn’s daughters Kendall and Kylie.

As a result, we’re told Caitlyn is extremely remorseful and is willing to do whatever it takes to mend the family divide.

Our sources say Caitlyn was promoting her upcoming appearance in the “House of Kardashian” trailer, a gig she was paid for … and the family was not on board with her participating in the project. Our sources say Caitlyn’s intention was to go on camera to defend the fam and speak highly of them.

Caitlyn has been excluded from the Kardashians reality show on Hulu … and feels like she should be free to make her own decisions about what she chooses to be a part of … without a “gag order” against her.

Our sources say Caitlin was just speaking the truth about how things are with Kris, but she’s remorseful for putting it out in public.