Cara Delevingne Says House Fire Would’ve Sent Her Spiraling If She Wasn’t Sober


Cara Delevingne
Glad She Was Sober For House Fire …
Would Still Be ‘Reeling’

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Cara Delevingne‘s reflecting on the fire that destroyed her home … saying of course it’s awful it all went up in flames — but, it would’ve been way worse if she still drank and used drugs.

The actress reflected on her tragedy in an interview with the Times of London published Sunday … and, she says her sobriety kept her from falling off the deep end about the unfortunate incident.

Entertainment cara delevigne

CD says, “It sucks but everyone was safe and, like anything, if I’d not been sober I would still be reeling over that. It would still affect me really deeply.”

Delevigne says of course she’s still sad about what happened … but, she doesn’t let it keep her down — instead working through it rather than letting it hold her back.

We broke the story … a massive fire burnt down Cara’s L.A.-area home back in March — though everyone, people and cats included, ended up making it out unharmed.

Cara’s parents later said the fire may have been caused by a rogue power line though the L.A. Fire Department officially announced the cause was “undetermined” after thorough investigation.


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Despite her house completely burning down, Cara says she’s got no plans to move back to the UK … instead, she says she loves the U.S.A., and she plans on staying around.

Sounds like Cara’s got a much more positive lease on life … even when it comes to some of the biggest challenges.

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