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Virtual Private Networks(VPNs) To Be Blocked. – UCC Speaks Out on First Social Media Tax Day.

Uganda Communications Commission Executive Director, Godfrey Mutabazi has said that telecommunication companies will block Virtual Private Networks (VPN) applications that are aiding Ugandans to evade social media tax. The Uganda shilling 200 per day Over The Top (OTT) commonly known as social media tax took effect last night at the start of the 2018/2019 financial year. The tax has triggered …

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Experts Sight Economic Crisis After Social Media and Mobile Money taxes In Uganda.

The economic experts have predicted a slowdown in the growth of economy in Uganda due to the newly introduced taxes on mobile money and social media introduced by the parliament. According to Dr. Fred  Muhumuza,  a Principal Researcher at Development Policy International, the taxes will see  people reduce  down mobile money and social media use for some days . This means the government  …

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Civil Society Advocacy Group Against Mobile Money and Social Media Tax Laws Takes New Twist.

The Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group is set to launch a road map to protest the approved mobile money tax after the first campaign failed. The group’s first campaign focused  on soliciting  over 250 signatures from the MPs to ensure they reject to the mobile money tax . In an interview, the group’s executive director Julius Mukunda said the meeting …

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Uganda National Roads Authority To Displace Over 300 Businesses In Kampala.

  Vendors who run their businesses in the Shawuliyako market along jinja road are at risk of staying  jobless. According to a letter from the Uganda National Roads Authority(UNRA), these vendors must vacate the area. UNRA argues that the place it’s not safe for them to work on such a busy road .   The vendors through their chairperson  urged …

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High Taxes are responsible for the Expensive Insurance Packages. – Regulatory Authority

The Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda(IRAU) has established it that the major cause of expensive insurance packages. According to Lubega Kaddunabbi, the Chief Executive Officer of the  Authority  puts it to VAT and Stamp duty as the root causes of the high prices of insurance which is more of a necessity in the country today. He went ahead asked the …

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