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Busabala Boxing Day Event Not to Happen! – Police Spokesperson.

According to police Spokesperson Emilian Kayima, the event was not cleared to take place. Kayima however says he doesn’t know about police officers and their behaviour at the venue as alleged by Bobi Wine. MP Bobi Wine has revealed that security forces have yet again blocked preparations for his December 26 slated concert. The concert was to take place today …

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Weed Is Real And Dangerous! – Mc Kats Spits Very Shocking Details On Why He Fell Out With Fille!

Tv Guru Mc Kats has today morning spat very alarming details on the unstable relationship between him and the artiste he manages and also doubles as his wife; Fille Mutoni. “The person i am talking about has taken a year and a half using drugs without their family knowing, they have just realised it now after seeing it’s effect yet …

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Myko deserved that stage better than anyone else! – Maurice Kirya about Myko Ross.

Musician Maurice Kirya has come out to condn the act of bouncers pulling Myko Ross of Ginuwine’s stage over the weekend. Below Is What Maurice Has To Say. I just got off the phone with my brother Myko Ross, just to check on him! when I was younger, Myko and I would meet at my mother’s house and practice dancing, …

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Irene Namubiru Names Guy Who Saved Her Life From Boat Cruise Accident.

Irene Namubiru has come out to name the guy who saved her from drowning. Below Is Her Statement Here is MASOLE BRIAN a student at KIU who saved my life AND MANY others’. He went back to the lake 3 times until there were no other people alive. Brian and other fellow stud3nts had hired their boat to go have …

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The process of achieving success is usually understood only by the successful and is always misunderstood by the unsuccessful. – Bebe Cool Educates Haters After Winning AFFRIMA Award.

After being announced the winner of “Best Male Artist In East Africa” in AFFRIMA awards concluded last night, Bebe Cool has come out to educate his fans and haters about “hate”. Bebe could not help but rather brag about how hardworking he is. Read His Statement Below. Silent but effective (the Silent Majority). There is a very thin line between …

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