Charly García Turns 72: Celebrate His Birthday With 72 Hits, Lesser-Known Gems & Everything in Between


Billboard celebrates the storied Argentinian legend on his birthday (Oct. 23) with a 72-track playlist.

Charly García performs with Fito Paez at the piano during a show on Jan. 20, 1992 in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Ricardo Ceppi/Getty Images


Charly García turns 72 years old on Monday (Oct. 23).

The storied Argentine legend has constantly challenged the status quo as an unflinching and unpredictable risk taker in both music and in his personal life (he once casually jumped from the ninth floor of a building to a swimming pool).

With a wild and unapologetic spirit, the Buenos Aires native has left an enduring legacy that dates back since the late ‘60s on Spanish-language rock, penning some of the most enduring classics of our time. From his early days with Sui Generis to his groundbreaking work with supergroup Serú Girán, Charly has consistently defied musical norms. 


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The “No Voy en Tren” singer’s distinctive voice and piano virtuosity, coupled with his fearless approach to composition and the fusion of rock, pop, and progressive elements, has made him an emblematic figure in Latin music. Whether he’s singing about love, madness, or existential introspection, Charly García’s impact is undeniable.

“Charly García is freedom! Happy birthday king of kings! I love you so much I don’t have the words to explain it! In the end that’s what getting here was all about. Not having words. Thank you for guiding me in the dark and laughing so much during all these years!” tweeted fellow Argentine maverick, Fito Paez.

In 2013, Billboard Argentina made its debut with the iconic Charly García on its cover. On Monday night, more than 20 artists and bands will come together to honor the music of the Argentine legend in virtual fashion, in Vos No Sos Lindo Fest (or You Are Not Cute Fest). 

In honor of this musical maestro’s birthday, Billboard has put together a playlist that pays tribute to Charly’s greatest hits and some lesser-known gems showcasing his boundless creativity. From the anthemic “Rasguña las Piedras” to the hauntingly beautiful “Los Dinosaurios,” these tracks represent the essence of his musical genius.

Listen to the playlist below.

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