Chevy Chase Reunites with Randy Quaid, Christie Brinkley at Fan Expo


Chevy Chase
Reunites with Quaid, Brinkley
At Fan Event in Dallas

6/10/2023 4:38 PM PT

Artistes Quaid

Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddie were face to face once again this weekend — ’cause the actors who play ’em reunited for what seems to be the first time in a long time.

Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid were yukking it up Saturday at the Fan Expo Dallas … a pop culture convention where a ton of old movie and TV stars roamed the halls for pics/meet-and-greets. They were actually just a couple of ‘Vacation’-related stars in the building.

Artistes Quaid

Beverly D’Angelo was also scheduled to appear — although we haven’t seen any photos of her hanging with her old costars just yet — and Christie Brinkley even popped up too! And yes, that’s Danny Trejo there as well … the dude was also on hand and taking it in.

Of course, the highlight was seeing these 2 funny men embracing. You might recall — in the movies, they’re kinda familial enemies (Clark hates Eddie) … but they couldn’t have been kinder with each other in person. We’re told this coming together actually hasn’t happened in a while. Although, Chevy and Randy have been invited to the same events in recent years.

Artistes Quaid

Sources tell us that Chevy made a crack when he saw Randy, saying something to the effect of … “Well, this is a nice surprise” — an obvious nod to one of Eddie’s recurring lines throughout the ‘Vacation’ series. They talked, posed for pics and caught up on old times.

Now, if you’re wondering why Chevy’s in a wheelchair here … not to worry, he’s not there permanently. We’re told he usually carts around at the conventions, but since one wasn’t available this time around — he opted for the next best thing. Obviously, he can still stand.

As they say … it’s a long way down the holiday road. Memory lane, as it turns, is shorter and sweeter.