Clipper Darrell Not Sweatin’ Bad Start W/ James Harden, Team Will Compete For Title


Clipper Darrell
Not Sweatin’ 0-5 Start W/ Harden
… We’ll Finish Top 3 In West

11/17/2023 12:15 AM PT

Much of Clips Nation is panicking over the team’s disastrous start with James Harden, but not the team’s most loyal fan, Clipper Darrell, who tells us he has complete confidence that the squad will not only turn things around but will also be a top seed in the Western Conference!

And, they could even compete for an NBA title.

Yes, Darrell Bailey is doubling down on the Clippers … despite them being winless at 0-5 since acquiring the former NBA MVP from the Philadelphia 76ers about 2 and a half weeks ago.

“Anytime a new person comes in, especially of James Harden’s caliber, it’s gonna take time,” Clipper Darrell explained, before making it clear he still has faith in Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Russell Westbrook and the rest of the roster’s ability to mesh with The Beard.

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“I still believe in this team. I know we’re having a hard time right now, but this team is definitely going to prosper.”

Not everyone feels the same way … Darrell admits much of the fan base is, let’s call it, highly concerned.

“Oh no, they’re freakin’ out, they’re freakin’ out! They’re goin’ crazy! ‘I told you, I didn’t want him!’ But hey, ya gotta believe. It’s early in the season. Now if this was March, Babcock. Come on! I’d be pulling my hair out.”

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The good news for the 3-7 L.A. … the NBA season is still young. We asked Darrell to look in his crystal ball and predict where the team stands after the full 82 games.

“Second seed,” CD said, continuing … “We definitely gonna be a top 3 team, but I’m looking at second seed. I want first, but I ain’t gonna be greedy.”

And, if things break right … “If everything’s clickin’ on all cylinders, man. You’re looking at 2024, man, L.A. Clippers, champions baby, going into the new arena, the Intuit Dome, baby!”