Conor McGregor Out in NYC, Unfazed by Sexual Assault Accusation


Conor McGregor
Fans Still Want My Autograph …
Seemingly Unfazed by Sexual Assault Claim

6/18/2023 10:56 AM PT


Conor McGregor isn’t hiding under a rock after a woman’s accused him of sexual assault — he’s out and about in NYC, and still drawing a crowd wherever he goes.

The UFC fighter pulled up to his hotel in NYC Saturday night and was immediately swarmed by autograph seekers … just as he was earlier in the day. McGregor happily stopped and signed for seemingly all of them, before bounding into the hotel.

Artistes mcgregor signing fans

He didn’t have anything to say, though, when one of them asked how he was holding up.

this publication Sports broke the story … a woman claims McGregor took her into a restroom — during Game 4 of the NBA Finals in Miami last week — and forced her to perform oral sex, before attempting to sodomize her.

We also obtained 2 very relevant videos — one shows McGregor holding the accuser’s hand and leading her into a men’s room at Kaseya Center arena.

Another video shows them hanging out together, still at the arena, about 30 minutes after the alleged assault would have happened. McGregor has flatly denied the sexual assault happened.

Meanwhile, the accuser’s attorney, Ariel Mitchell, says her client acknowledges she was still around McGregor after the alleged assault, but says they were “visibly awkward” with each other at that point.

The accuser did file a report with the police, who are now investigating — and McGregor’s team believes he will be fully exonerated.

In the meantime, Conor is going about his business.