Daddy Yankee Lands Emotional Farewell Tour in L.A.: ‘It’s My Goodbye But My Music Lives On’

It was hard to guess which song Daddy Yankee would choose to open his farewell tour show. Would he go with an oldie but goodie or stick to his newer repertoire to promote his new album, Legendaddy?

The chosen one to open his two-hour show on Thursday (July 28) — the second night of his five shows at L.A.’s Kia Forum — was “Campeón,” which was fitting. After all he’s a champion of champs, and watching his high-tech, riveting show, he’s still unmatched 32 years since launching his career.



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A five-minute countdown prepared (and hyped) fans who anxiously waited for the Big Boss to make his grand entrance. Then, a life-size gold airplane appeared on a 3,600 square feet holographic screen that made a landing in the middle of the three-floor stage. Its pilot, Daddy Yankee, emerged wearing a black suit that was drenched in gold sparkles.

“You ready, Los Angeles?” he asked a crowd that roared when they caught glance of the artist that’s marked a generation with his reggaeton anthems. “I want to thank all those that came. This is going to be a party de barrio,” he teased. And with that, the party began with Yankee performing alongside his energetic troupe of dancers, with 16 in tow, and a live band that included nine musicians and backup singers.

Throughout the show, he took fans down memory lane performing the classics such as “Rompe,” “Machucando,” “Lo Qué Pasó Pasó,” with fans taking the lead singing this song. “When the tour ends and I go back to Puerto Rico, I’ll remember this beautiful moment,” he said as he watched thousands sang the opening to this track in unison.

After a quick outfit change — at this point he was rocking a baseball jersey with “Legendaddy” written across the front and the year “1990” on the back (a nod to the year he launched his career) — he went on to sing “Mayor Que Yo,” “Tu Príncipe,” “Y Yo Voy” and “Ella Me Levantó.”

Every performance was accompanied by dynamic and in-your-face visuals that really came alive on the middle screen, which was sandwiched between two jumbo vertical screens that projected Yankee and made him feel like he was standing right next to you.

Adding another layer to the already impressive production were 180 laser beams that made every performance seem more impactful.

He also performed collaborations that have marked his career such as those with Wisin & Yandel, Ozuna and Luis Fonsi and, while neither was there in person to perform next to him, they did appear on the big screen making it feel like they were very much in the room.

Yankee was a man of a few words during his show but his emotions were tangible. A memorable moment of the night was when he took in the applause and cheer from the crowd. At one point, Yankee tried to speak but choked up. “If there’s something I’ve always appreciated, is the love you have given me. You can’t put a price on that,” he said. “Every time I came to L.A. to perform I think it was all worth it. I’ll carry this moment with me forever.”

Toward the end of his show, he sang the global hit “Despacito” and explained the importance of this song, not in his life but for music in general. “With this song, we proved that we came to stay. It changed music. It’s now a song that will forever be global.”

🎶 Des-pa-cito 🎶 @daddy_yankee

— Griselda Flores (@grissyflrs) July 29, 2022

The crowd, even more energized as the end approached, was made up of multigenerational groups. Behind me, a family with two little girls danced throughout. Their toddler sang along to “Bombón” and even danced the TikTok challenge to this song, while her proud parents recorded the moment with their phone. “We laid the foundation and we’ve remained,” Yankee offered. “In every cycle, generation after generation. I’m still here.”

Guessing which song would close the show was less difficult. Of course, Yankee would end with the all-time, fan favorite reggaeton anthem “Gasolina.” He joked: “It may be expensive, but you still always have to fill up your tank.”

“Aunque esté cara, hay que llenar el tanque.” – @daddy_yankee

— Griselda Flores (@grissyflrs) July 29, 2022

At the end, he thanked fans again for their support and reassured them that while this would be his last tour, he’d still be present thanks to his songs. “It’s my goodbye but my music lives on.”

In March, Yankee announced that he’s retiring from music. The reggaeton star culminated his musical run with Legendaddy, his first new studio album in 10 years, and this world tour.

Daddy Yankee’s La Última Vuelta Tour continues with upcoming shows in Seattle, Las Vegas, Miami and Chicago. Check here for dates. Below, see Daddy Yankee’s July 28 set list (note, the set list might change for other tour stops):

1. Campeon

2. Remix

3. Problema

4. Rompe

5. Machucando

6. Lo Que Paso Paso

7. Rumbaton

8. Ella Me Levanto

9. Mayor Que Yo

10. Mami No Me Dejes Solo

11. Tu Principe

12. Yo Voy

13. Shaky Shaky

14. Baila Baila

15. China

16. Pasatiempo

17. Somos De Calle

18. Enchuletiao

19. La Santa

20. X Ultima Vez

22. Agua

22. Playero – Que Tire Pa Lante

23. Despacito

24. La Despedida

25. Que Tengo Que Hacer

26. Hot

27. Limbo

28. Bombon

29. Con Calma

30. Dura

31. Gasolina