Daily Horoscope: June 3, 2023

The moon enters Sagittarius at 1:03 AM and mingles with Pluto in Aquarius at 1:16 AM, encouraging us to break out of our usual routines and embrace change! Make time to reflect on your boundaries as the moon squares off with Saturn in Pisces at 1:07 PM. The moon aligns with Mars in Leo at 2:59 PM, which can bring a big boost of energy. The full moon in Sagittarius takes place at 11:42 PM, revealing important information or bringing a big culmination to a situation that’s been brewing!

All times ET.

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Aries: March 20, 2023 – April 20, 2023

Today’s full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius may find you sharing—or learning—big news. A discussion that’s been brewing could reach a climax. Information may be revealed or a journey might come to completion.

Taurus: April 20, 2023 – May 21, 2023

There’s a full moon in Sagittarius today, which could find you resolving a longstanding issue. You may be settling a debt or offering or accepting an apology. The truth about how someone truly feels could be revealed!

Gemini: May 21, 2023 – June 21, 2023

There’s a full moon in your opposite sign Sagittarius today, Gemini! A big shift could be taking place in your relationships. You may be leaving a partnership, or having a real and productive discussion with someone you want to continue partnering with.

Cancer: June 21, 2023 – July 22, 2023

You could be completing a project today during the full moon in Sagittarius. You may be dumping an old habit or rearranging your schedule in some way. If you don’t like the way your daily routine has been going, this could be a powerful time to switch it up!

Leo: July 22, 2023 – August 23, 2023

Today’s full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius could bring a big climax to a situation that’s been brewing in your love life! Shifts might take place in your social life and you can begin to feel clear about what your heart truly desires.

Virgo: August 23, 2023 – September 23, 2023

There’s a full moon in Sagittarius today, which could find you gaining clarity about how to manage your work-life balance. A situation at home could reach an important turning point, and you may be ready to make a decision about how to proceed. You might be letting go of the past in a powerful way.

Libra: September 23, 2023 – October 23, 2023

Today’s full moon in Sagittarius lights up the communication sector of your chart and could bring big news your way. Or maybe you’ll be the one sharing an important message! A conversation can reach an important turning point.

Scorpio: October 23, 2023 – November 22, 2023

The full moon in Sagittarius lights up the financial sector of your chart today, finding you making an important decision about your wealth, spending, or budget. Emotionally, you could be reassessing your feelings about themes like security or comfort.

Sagittarius: November 22, 2023 – December 21, 2023

There’s a full moon in your zodiac sign today, Sagittarius! This full moon can find you feeling like you’ve grown out of an old way of being or approaching relationships. A big shift could take place in your partnerships as you discover new parts of yourself. An important and honest discussion can take place.

Capricorn: December 21, 2023 – January 20, 2024

Today’s full moon in Sagittarius encourages you to slow down and rest! Some very intriguing ideas could come to you while you meditate, journal, or dream. A powerful emotional breakthrough may occur.

Aquarius: January 20, 2023 – February 18, 2023

Drama may surface in your social life during today’s full moon in Sagittarius! You might be leaving a social circle or connecting with a new crowd that has exciting, inspiring ideas. People could be eager to give their honest opinions and feedback at this time.

Pisces:  February 18, 2023 – March 20, 2023

Today’s full moon in Sagittarius marks an important milestone in your career, or finds you ready to take on a new challenge. You’re ready to make a big shift in your work-life balance, and a big message could be shared.