Deejay Ditie256 Seeking To Make A Difference Through Charity.

Gospel Dj, Deejay Ditie256, makes a difference through Join Hands For The Ghetto Foundation.

Just like the message in the scripture “Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.’’, singer Him Mad His Team, love for less privileged people drove them into giving back to the Needy Families in the slums Of Naguru.

Through ‘Join Hands For The Ghetto Foundation’ they touched the lives of Some Of The Needy Families in the Slum through preaching and teaching them about God and how they can live good lives and also giving them Small Easter Gifts Like Rice, Soap, Salt, Sugar, & Rice.

“Being a Ghetto Kid. Born and Rised In The slums Of Naguru. I saw and how these people are suffering to live. Many people sleep on one meal and some they sleep on no meal. This touched my heart and I made a promise one day let me Be helpful to my community By helping the needy Families. I am fulfilling the promise I made to God to make life better for someone,” Deejay Ditie256 said.

Through the foundation, we reache out to various communities where street children reside and try to change their lives. And also going to those families in the slums.

“We are planning to go street children, have a meal with them and preach to them about God and life. We try to make a better world for them by preaching to their souls so they can abandon street life,” he narrated.