Desiigner To Plead Guilty to Indecent Exposure, Asks for 2-Yr. Probation & $5K Fine


Pleading Guilty to Indecent Exposure
After Pleasuring Self on Plane

9/7/2023 2:19 PM PT

Desiigner wants to put his recent past as a mid-flight masturbator behind him … agreeing to a plea deal that he hopes will allow him to avoid jail time!!!

According to legal docs, obtained by this publication Hip Hop, Desiigner is set to enter the guilty plea Sept. 8 agreeing to the recommended sentence of 2 years probation, 120 hours of community service, a $5K fine and a public apology to the flight attendants.

We broke the story … the “Panda” rapper was busted after returning home on a flight from Japan where prosecutors say he told flight attendants he was “brick hard.”

He allegedly dropped a jar of lubricating Vaseline in the aisle and eventually had to be monitored for the duration of the flight.

Music desiigner The Apology

Following the incident, Desiigner immediately apologized, and claims he’s attended 19 court-appointed counseling/therapy sessions since the incident … he also says he voluntarily submitted himself for drug testing, which he says came back clean.

Desiigner’s attorney is asking the judge not to impose any travel restrictions that would slow his movement as a professional musician, insisting he has tours planned for all over the world in 2023-24.

Desiigner’s management team also stated he’s been pouring his “heart and soul” into his upcoming music as part of his personal growth.

Cheers to a happy ending for all.