DHL Black Friday With Guarantied reliable and on-time deliveries.

Platform offers unprecedented access to international brands for shoppers in Sub Saharan Africa; Orders are fulfilled by DHL Express guaranteeing reliable and on-time deliveries.

With Black Friday only days away, many ardent shoppers have been on the lookout for the best possible deals.

Black Friday originated in the US and has fast become known as the start of the famous sales weekend following Thanksgiving Day, with brands offering unprecedented deals and discounts to shoppers. 

DHL’s Africa eShop app connects shoppers across Sub Saharan Africa with some of the very best deals on offer from leading online retailers in the US & UK.

Hennie Heymans, CEO of DHL Express Sub Saharan Africa, explains that the app offers African consumers unprecedented access to over 200 US- and UK-based online retailers on an easy-to-use platform, with great convenience and speed.

“The DHL Africa eShop enables African customers to shop directly from over 200 highly sought after US- and UK-based online retailers, with purchases delivered to their door, by DHL Express.”

Since its initial introduction in April of this year, the DHL Africa eShop app has seen its user base grow rapidly, and within the first three months of operation, it had already been rolled out to 34 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa.

“African consumers have direct access to the season’s hottest deals on stores such as Amazon, Macy’s and Next to name a few, with a huge variety of products on offer, from clothing to electronics, consumer products and a host of products in between. It’s our aim to connect African shoppers to some of the best Black Friday deals on the continent,” adds Heymans.

“We’ve already seen a large surge in app downloads and orders in the build-up to Black Friday, and with a number of stores already offering pre-Black Friday deals. Given the high volume of online shopping traffic over this period, it is important to be assured that your online order is being shipped by a reliable service provider. Africa eShop gives you that peace of mind, as all deliveries are handled by DHL.”

“We are extremely passionate about driving e-commerce growth and adoption on the continent and our DHL Africa eShop app is perfectly positioned to increase access to exciting global brands,” concludes Heymans.