Did Nintendo Just Hint at a New Nintendo Switch?

Did Nintendo just hint at a new Nintendo Switch? Since last year, there have been rumors of a “Nintendo Switch Pro” and “Nintendo Switch 2.” This year, these rumors have elevated to reports from some pretty credible sources, but right now, that’s all they are: rumors and reports. That said, while Nintendo hasn’t officially confirmed it’s going to make another Nintendo Switch model following the Nintendo Switch Lite, it’s pretty obvious it’s going to.

For one, with the PS5 and Xbox Series X releasing in November, they have to if they want to have any big and notable third-party games on their system. Nintendo has never been in the power game, but the PS5 and Xbox Series X are about to make the current Switch look like a dinosaur.

Nintendo also just loves hardware iteration. It’s worked for them, and more importantly, it’s also worked for the Switch. The Switch Lite was and continues to be a big hit.

All of that said, while Nintendo, as expected, continues to be secretive about what it’s got brewing, it did seemingly hint at a new Nintendo Switch, or more specifically, a more powerful Nintendo Switch.

The hint came during the recent Nintendo Management Briefing Session, and via company president, Shuntaro Furukawa, who revealed that Nintendo views the Switch as in the middle of its life-cycle. Further, Furukawa shared that Nintendo plans on extending this life-cycle. Complimenting this, the Nintendo president also revealed that traditionally Nintendo has sought out conventional technology in order to come in at a low price, however, Furukawa revealed Nintendo also been exploring state-of-the-art technology, which hints the next iteration of the Switch will be the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro.

While on this topic, Furukawa revealed that the Switch combining the handheld and traditional console into one means Nintendo now has time and resources to invest in a single platform. Of course, the suggestion here is that the Switch will get all of Nintendo’s support, which hasn’t been the case for many of its past machines.


For now, it remains to be seen what Nintendo will do next, but it’s increasingly obvious that it’s far from done with the Switch, and that the next piece of hardware from it will be a part of the Switch family.

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