Donald Trump Challenges Joe Biden to New No-Holds-Barred Debate


Donald Trump
Hey Joe, Let’s Do Another Debate To See Who’s Competent …

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Donald Trump just upped the ante for Joe Biden in their 2024 race for the presidency – challenging the current commander-in-chief to another, less restrictive debate to test their competence.

Trump – the presumptive Republican presidential nominee – posted a long screed on his Truth Social platform, throwing down the gauntlet for a “no holds barred” debate with Biden – his Democratic rival.

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The former U.S. president opened by asking Biden to debate him onstage alone so they could talk about the future of the country.

Trump then bragged about their first debate being a ratings bonanza, but his idea for the next one would bring in even more “record setting” viewership due to the format.

DT also said Joe needs to explain why he’s for open borders with millions of people – many of them violent criminals – flowing into the nation.

On top of that, Trump said Joe must tell the American people why he “wants Men Playing In Women’s Sports, or demand ALL ELECTRIC VEHICLES within five years, or why he allowed INFLATION TO RUN RAMPANT, destroying the people of our Country, and so much more.”



Trump went on to say that such a debate would prove Joe’s competence or lack thereof – while also putting himself to the test again.


As everyone knows, Trump and Biden went head-to-head at their first debate on June 27 – and Joe had a disastrous performance, suffering many lapses throughout.

This led democratic donors and party leaders to question Joe’s mental health with some demanding he immediately bow out of the presidential race. But, Joe hasn’t budged an inch and is forging ahead with his campaign.


We’ve reached out to Joe’s reps about Trump’s debate challenge. So far no word back.

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