Dr Kizza Besigye Lectures Museveni’s Minister

Four times aspiring presidential candidate runner and ex-Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party founder retired Dr Kiiza Besigye has schooled state minister for Gender, Labour and Economic Development Mr Balaam Barugahara regarding birthday wishes.

This week, the failed presidential aspirant celebrated his 66th birthday and he received wishes from various people amongst which was Balaam.

The Youth and Children’s minister said that Besigye’s contributions towards liberating the country under Museveni can never go unnoticed. Besides, the NRM is his home and he should return. As much as the former FDC president received the kind wishes in good faith, he had some lectures for the Minister. He told him that he was just 6 years old when the NRM came to power.

Balaam should, therefore, find out how many came with Museveni and how many are still with him. In conclusion, he said that wise young people should avoid sitting in places that mature people have vacated.

“Thanks for the BD message, Hon Minister! NRM & Mr M7 came to power when you were only 6 years old! Find out who & how many of those he came with are still with him. Wise young dogs always avoid places that older ones have vacated! Be blessed Ndugu,” said Dr Besigye.

Former MP and LOP, Winnie Kiiza joined in and tried to simplify the message for the Minister with an African proverb. She said, “In other words, before you marry a widow, first find out what killed the husband.”

Not accepting defeat, Balaam decided to justify himself. He said that whereas Uganda may not be where everyone wants it to be, it has surely progressed massively and he went ahead to list some of these achievements.

Additionally, Balaam said that he hopes more will be achieved under the leadership of Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba. He once again tried to court Besigye to his side.