EGG Digital rejigs structure

EGG Digital rejigs structure
Mr Teeradet says every organisation is committed to some form of digital transformation.

EGG Digital, a leading big data analytics and digital marketing tech consultancy, has reorganised its six core businesses into three main units to better leverage its strengths through artificial intelligence (AI)-driven technology to serve enterprises next year.

The three units comprise in-depth analytics, integrated advertising media and digital platforms.

The company recorded 2 billion baht in total revenue for the first 10 months of this year, 30% higher than revenue for the whole of 2022.

Teeradet Dumrongbhalasitr, chief executive of EGG Digital, said every organisation is committed to transforming its operations in various areas, but especially among five key areas: the adoption of digital transformation for innovation; people and organisational management, operations, strategy and corporate finance, and sustainability.

AI and supervised machine learning are two key technologies that businesses and industries have adopted to digitalise their operations, he said.

The use of AI and machine learning technologies aligns with the company’s intention to leverage its big data strengths, said Mr Teeradet.

He said the reorganisation into three units highlights the synergy of data powered by AI and machine learning.

The rejig aims to support customers’ exponential growth under EGG Digital’s services, said Mr Teeradet.

The six businesses are retail consulting, insight solutions, media commercialisation, platform solutions, SMS and marketing automation, and data analytics.

These services are meant to help organisations achieve digital transformation, increase their potential and agility in business operations, while increasing sales, reducing expenses, managing risks and creating new business opportunities, he said.

“This move prepares us for market penetration in 2024 through the company’s upgraded vision and the power of collaboration, data and tech,” said Mr Teeradet.

Under the strategy, the company established two operational guidelines. The first is to leverage AI to optimise the potential of every business, with AI analysis serving as the basis to forecast consumer behaviour and industry trends.

This approach will facilitate customers in making precise marketing planning decisions and maintaining a competitive edge in the market, he said.

The second guideline is to foster innovation across various industrial sectors by focusing on investment in new technologies, cultivating human resource capabilities, and promoting work values that align with customer needs and industry standards, said Mr Teeradet.

Each of the three new units will have a significant impact on the transformation of big data, AI, and machine learning into marketing strategies and plans that will positively influence the customer experience, he said.

For example, the in-depth analytics unit will assist clients in identifying operational opportunities and establishing distinct business strategies and activities, said Mr Teeradet.

Voraphat Ngamjetvorakul, general manager of analytics business and development at EGG Digital, said the analytics unit has secured new clients from more than 20 brands, exceeding its growth target over the past 10 months.

The deployment of analytics as a service powered by AI holds the key to achieving success for clients, including increasing sales, reducing expenses and minimising risks, said Mr Voraphat.

He said the company remains focused on businesses in five key industries: retail, media, finance, insurance and automotive.

EGG Digital wants to expand its existing business in Malaysia in accordance with local market trends, while developing new business models that can serve as a foundation in the future.

In Malaysia, the company offers retail consulting and insight solutions to retailers and e-commerce firms. Revenue from the Malaysia office contributed 10% of EGG Digital’s 1.6 billion baht in total revenue recorded last year.

The office is providing all six businesses in the Malaysian market this year, expecting it to account for 20% of EGG Digital’s total revenue in 2023.