Emily Blunt Says Tom Cruise Told Her to Stop Being a ‘P***y’ on Set

Emily Blunt
Tom Cruise Told Me …
‘Stop Being Such a P***y’ on Set

12/10/2022 12:37 PM PT

SmartLess Podcast

Tom Cruise gave Emily Blunt some tough-love advice while on set for their 2014 action flick — which basically amounted to him telling her to grow a pair … so says his costar.

The actress dished about the amusing story during an appearance on the “Smartless” podcast, which is cohosted by Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes. They went through highlights of her career, and along the way … they stopped at “Edge of Tomorrow.”

tom & emily in 'EOT'

Emily recounted her experience with the massive metal suits that her and Tom’s characters wear throughout the movie, which were actually pretty damn heavy and hard to use in real life.

It was so difficult, in fact, that EB says she was freaking out about it — breaking down on set and even crying at one point because she felt she wouldn’t be able to proceed with the shoot … which she says left Tom at a loss for words, as he didn’t really know what to do.

Eventually, the words came to him. She says he bent down and said, “Come on. Stop being such a p***y, okay?” Emily says she laughed at that, and got it together to get the job done.

The cohosts all gave Tom kudos for his no-frills coaching approach. The legend lives on.