Emma Roberts Says She’s Never Gotten A Job Because of Nepotism


Emma Roberts
Nepotism Has Never Landed Me Gigs …
Family Has Lost Me Jobs!!!

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Emma Roberts is doubling down on how nepo baby status ain’t all it’s cracked up to be … claiming once again it’s lost her jobs — but never helped her land one.

The actress sat down for an interview with the magazine Flaunt that dropped earlier this week, and she reflected on being a nepo baby … totally laughing off the idea she’s getting help with her career from her dad Eric or aunt Julia Roberts.

ER says, “I’ve lost more jobs than I’ve gained from being in the business. People have opinions and sometimes maybe they’re not good opinions of people in your family. I’ve never gotten a job because of it, I know I definitely have lost a couple of jobs because of it.”

Roberts’ assertions will definitely raise some eyebrows, but they fall in line with everything Emma’s been saying as the daughter/niece of super-famous stars.


Table For Two

Remember … Emma recently sat down for an interview with the podcast “Table for Two” — and, she said nepo babies who are women catch more flak than their male counterparts, using George Clooney as an example.

During the same convo, Emma said she’s lost jobs because of her family ties … but, this is the first time she’s said she’s never gotten a job because of the fam, as far as we can tell.

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It’s not easy for normies to make it in H’wood … but, sounds like Emma’s saying a star-studded family tree doesn’t make it any easier.

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