Ethiopia: 25 Rural Towns’ Solar Power Plan Project Reaches 61 Percent

Addis Ababa — The performance of the 25 rural towns’ solar power plant project, which is being built by the Ethiopian Electricity Utility, has reached 61 percent.

Ethiopian Electric Utility has launched solar mini grid project with the view to provide electric access for 25 rural towns.

The project is being underway by three contractors in six different lots in rural kebeles selected from 7 regions.

The project includes the installation of 68.7 km of medium-voltage and 233.3 km of low-voltage lines that can generate a total of 8 MW electric power.

The projects is believed to create several job opportunities in addition to providing access to electric power to more than 145,000 new customers and creates a platform for knowledge transfer up on its implementation.

Its construction has been carried out by two Chinese and one Korean Companies with a total of cost of more than 20 million USD, which is covered by the African Development Bank and the government of Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Electric Utility is striving to provide electric access society by 65 percent from main gird, and 35 percent form optional electric sources by 2030, Ethiopian Electric Utility noted.