Fans Bash Eddy Kenzo For “Spoiling” Pia Pounds’ Song, Kenzo Responds.

Hours after the release of the remix of Pia Pounds’ Tupaate song which had become a hit song, fans took it to social media to express their feelings.

Many of the fans expressed displeasure after listening to Tupaate remix that featured famous Mc Africa and Big talent boss Eddy kenzo saying Eddy Kenzo could have done way much better on the song.

“Is that how you look after spoiling Pia Pounds’ song?” a fan commented on one of Eddy Kenzo’s posts which was not even related to the song. This kind of cyberbullying has gotten several celebrities falling victim in case anything around them or even in the community happened forcing many artistes to post things they didn’t intend to(out of pressure) or to pull down posts.

Eddy Kenzo however, in response used one of the lines in the song and threw it to the fans:

“Every day is a party day. Abampalana ngamulabye. We are trending No.1 Shine bright Pia Pounds,” he wrote.