Fans rally in support of Wallace-Joseph

Trinidad and Tobago netball star Samantha Wallace-Joseph has evoked support from fans and supporters following her departure from top Australian netball club, New South Wales Swifts.

On Thursday, the Swifts organisation announced it had officially parted ways, by mutual agreement, with star goal shooter Wallace-Joseph.

The club’s official statement said: “For the past number of weeks, the club has been working with Samantha Wallace-Joseph and her management in relation to a matter which concerned her behaviour within the team environment.

“For the well-being of all concerned the nature of the matter will remain confidential. However, it has been mutually agreed that parting ways is the best way forward for both Samantha and the club,” stated the release.

Wallace-Joseph appeared to have been much loved during her seven years at the Australian club, but while many of her former fans have remained silent, some have spoken out. Wallace-Joseph had gotten strong fan support on her Instagram page, with a brave few also commenting on the Swifts official Instagram page.

Ohrahava stated, ”Poor statement re Samantha, very leading and damaging for her–not cool at all.”

With Kittyjhyde replying, “It’s a neutral statement, the very opposite of defamatory. and the management has the entire squad to think of, not just that one player.”

Another comment, coming from jogibbs stated, “but it didn’t remain confidential. They literally threw Sam Wallace under the bus and blamed her. All they had to say that it was mutually decided that Sam and Swifts would part ways. They didn’t have to tarnish her reputation by saying it’s behavioural issues.” Wallace, 30, during her tenure, had led the NSW Swifts to two Suncorp Netball Championships, was A three-time club MVP. She only returned to action this season after a two-year recuperation from a serious leg injury. “Entirely the club’s loss,” one of Wallace-Joseph’s supporters argued. “You have all our support Sam, thank you for staying true to your beliefs and for all you’ve done over the years.”

With ickleh20 adding, “Stay strong we support you! No longer a Swifts fan.”

Another message stated: I can’t believe you are gone for good for the Swifts (jaim_mcgilvray’s), while another added, “What a loss for the Swifts…stay strong in your faith and keep doing what you do.”

Wallace-Joseph played 84 games for the Swifts since joining in 2017 and won Premierships in 2019 and 2021.

No comment featured on the immediate page where the Swifts made the statement regarding her departure.

“The behavioural standard expected of everyone in the Swifts environment—across players, coaches and staff—is team first and there are no exceptions to that,” the Swifts stated via its release. Around the start off the season Wallace-Joseph sparked a social media incident when she questioned about an overlap between Easter Sunday and International Transgender day. Following an uproar, Wallace-Joseph apologised and said she was taken out of context.