Farrah Abraham Says Nothing Illegal Going On With New BF, CPS Threats Must Stop


Farrah Abraham
Nothing Illegal Going On W/ New BF
… Leave CPS Out Of It!!!

11/30/2023 12:45 AM PT

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Farrah Abraham says her relationship with a new boyfriend she met via OnlyFans is legit and not an escort situation … telling us there’s nothing seedy going on and folks need to back off.

The former “Teen Mom” star tells this publication … she’s serious about dating her new man and seeing where their relationship goes by keeping him out of the limelight, and he’s not paying her for her companionship, as some folks online are claiming.

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Farrah says her social media is being flooded with negative, hateful comments since posting a collage of photos and videos with her new BF from a Thanksgiving trip to Turks and Caicos.

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Some folks are taking issue with Farrah leaving her teenage daughter behind to go on an overseas trip with a mystery man over the holidays … threatening to call CPS on her.

But, Farrah says her daughter would never go on a couples birthday trip with her, and the kid always has a caretaker when she’s out of town. In other words, no reason to call CPS. Farrah says her daughters safety is high priority and she abides by all laws as a responsible parent.

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this publication broke the story … Farrah made her new BF sign an NDA after meeting him on OF and then matching on a dating app, as she tries to take extra steps to make sure he isn’t using her for fame for online clout.

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Farrah says her new boo had no issue signing the NDA … and she clears the air on the nature of her relationship and claps back at her critics.