Fifi Da Queen Set Quit Bukedde Tv!

Bukedde Tv presenter Phionah Nabitengero aka Fifi da Queen is set to leave Bukedde Tv very soon.

Inside sources told EJazz Media that Fifi will be leaving the Industrial area-based station for personal work.

Fifi Da Queen was heard telling someone about her plans to leave Bukedde Tv and the media for her own business.

“I have been in the media for long, i started it at a very early age and i have done almost everything, so i think right now i need to go and do some other things” she was heard telling someone.

Fifi is the host of Bukedde Tv’s morning entertainment show as well as “Kanayokya Ani”
This comes shortly after rumor spread on social media saying that the Oluyimba lwo & Full Dose show host Mary Flavia Namulindwa had been fired on political grounds.